Against Nature - 5 star review! (May 26, 2019)

Having traversed this extraordinary country two months ago in order to make a new home on its west coast, late spring finds me back in Toronto. I'm here for a remounting of James Kudelka, Alex Poch-Goldin and James Rolfe's extraordinary--and beautifully produced--work, "Against Nature". The music-dance-theatre piece (or 'chamber opera' for those not afraid of the word 'opera') is based on the novel by French novelist Joris Karl-Huyssmans, Au Rebors, which depicts the depth of Romantic decadence and excess through the character of Jean de Esseintes. 

We have four shows remaining May 29-June 1, 8pm at the Citadel (Parliament and Dundas).
But a warning: it's not exactly PG-13. In addition to depicting Romantic excess, this staged version of the novel does not shy away from the role of Catholic church pedophilia on Esseintes' tortured soul.

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