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West Coast String Summit _Improvisation

8east, 8 East Pender St, Vancouver

The final evening of the Vancouver New Music's "West Coast String Summit" features an evening of improvised string exchanges with local musicians including: Nicolas Caloia (double bass), Émilie Girard-Charest (cello), Parmela Attariwala (viola), Marina Hasselberg (cello), Lan Tung (erhu), Sina Ettehad (kamanche), Torsten Müller (double bass), and Josh Zubot (violin). 8pm at 8East; pwyc For more information on the West Coast String Summit and visiting artists, please see:

Roxanne Nesbitt - Moon Bells/Symbiotic

(PDT, UTC-07) (PDT, UTC-07)

The Annex, 823 Seymour St, Vancouver

Moon Bells / Symbiotic extends Roxanne Nesbitt’s ongoing explorations of sonic timbre and texture through handmade ceramic percussion and altered instruments. Part installation, part performance, audience members will enter into a space that is shaped by the suspended ceramic sculptural pieces. The visual suggestion of weightlessness and levity blends with sound layers of coaxed from the sculptural instruments creating a subtly shifting sonic and material translucency.

The performance installation features two new distinct bodies of ceramic instruments made by Nesbitt. The moon bells are hanging spinning translucent resonant panels designed using ratios from just intonation and warped through the ceramic process in the kiln. Symbiotic Instruments is an on-going project exploring interactions between traditional and experimental instruments.

The performance features Roxanne Nesbitt, Ben Brown activating the ceramics and Parmela Attariwala on viola.


Parmela Attariwala

 — (PDT, UTC-07) — (PDT, UTC-07)

Why the Orchestra is a Problematic Symbol in the Canadian Context

"It's Already Happening" is a series focused on systemic barriers and change in the Canadian music sector (the orchestral sector to be specific). There are many levels at which the "system" has intrinsic barriers to access. There are strong socio-cultural and political reasons behind why musical culture is exclusive to specific groups of people. Today, though, orchestras - and all Eurocentric cultural organizations - are being asked to change, but many are unable to do so swiftly, equitably and ethically. I will discuss some of the reasons why this is so, and what we need to re-consider if we truly want orchestras to be "just".

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The crow and salmon live everywhere - Traversal residency of Peter Morin and Ayumi Goto

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Trinity Square Video, 121-401 Richmond St, Toronto

A multi-layered and immersive experience by Ayumi Goto, Peter Morin, Parmela Attariwala, Immony Men, Patricio Davila, Justine Woods, José Andrés Mora, Emily Fitzpatrick, Janell Morin, and Kyoko Goto. The Crow and Salmon Live Everywhere is a creative convergence of performance, virtual reality, motion capture, and sound, combined to make a space for your body to become a salmon or a crow. This collective work is an homage to the Crow and Salmon who teach us to imagine beyond human measures. This built immersive environment generates a new radically shared language of fabricated and assembled worlds and meanings. The artwork raises questions about the nature of movement, bodies, performance, and how these states recombine and activate new desire lines and ways of knowing. Gallery is open Tues-Sun, 12-5. *To visit the exhibit, please email: proof of vaccine required

NOW Society perform Lisa Cay Miller's, "Handtuch von Anna".


36 musicians and four artists spread across three countries contributed to the performance of Lisa Cay Miller's comprovisation, "Handtuch von Anna". Edited by sound engineers Sheldon Zaharko (Vancouver) and Ron Ruiten (Amsterdam)

Free! Donations welcome (all proceeds will go towards NOW Society musicians' fees for the remainder of the 2020 season)

NOW Society - Creative Music Series #8


The fourth of a seven night series of online improvisations between Vancouver-based and Holland-based musicians. June 25th will include trios and sextents with Onno Goveart (drums), Aram Bakarian (guitar), Lisa Cay Miller (piano), Melissa Hubert (flute), Torsten Muller (bass), and Parmela Attariwala (viola). see for more information (coming soon)

Free! Donations welcome (all donations go towards NOW musicians' fees for the 2020 season)