I have taught violin, viola, fiddle, theory, and jazz theory for non-jazzers for over three decades. I have taught across a wide range of age groups and learning abilities, both privately and through institutions such as York University and the University of Toronto. From 2013 (as I was completing my Ph.D.) into; I left Toronto in 2019, I worked with younger students at Toronto's inner city music school dedicated to under-served youth, the Regent Park School of Music.

I studied violin pedagogy formally with Mimi Zweig, who uses the Suzuki Method as a foundation upon which she has added a few technical and modern harmonic tweaks. I continue to use many of Mimi's ideas; but do not subscribe to a single approach to learning violin, particularly for older students. Instead, I see my role as an educator as that of inspiring students--inspiring them to love playing, to play the music they want to play, and to want to continue honing their skills on their instrument. I draw upon the breadth of my own musical experience to engage students in whatever way, and through whatever kind of music, best suits their way of learning. 

Please send me a message if you are interested in lessons. parmela(at)parmela(dot)com. 

The first lesson is always free.