Moon Bells is part installation part improvised performance featuring suspended ceramic bells made by interdisciplinary designer/composer, Roxanne Nesbitt. These instruments are inspired by the mythology and cyclically evolving shape of the moon. This performance features Roxanne Nesbitt with ceramics and voice, Parmela Attariwala on viola and Juno award-winning drummer Ben Brown on suspended bells. Moon Bells offers the audience an intimate view into the exciting world of experimental instrument design. The ceramic bells were made by Nesbitt at the European Keramic Work Centre in Oisterwijk, Netherlands. Like many of Roxanne’s instrument design projects, these pieces were made through a combination of intuitive exploration and ancient mathematical formulas. The ceramic bells structure both the performance space and the improvised sound palette. These freshly-crafted hybrid instruments inspire new ways of making and experiencing sound, celebrating the creative possibilities of the interdisciplinary concert.